Animal Trait Correlation Database
The Animal CorrDB Release
Aug 23, 2018


Release 4
(Aug 23, 2018): A sum of 2,099 new correlations [Breakdown by species -- Pig: 188 (on 9 traits); Cattle: 1283 (on 71 traits); Chicken: 628 (on 40 traits); ] and a sum of 424 new heritability data [Breakdown by species -- Pig: 55 (on 23 traits; Cattle: 172 (on 95 traits; Chicken: 157 (on 67 traits; Sheep: 40 (on 38 traits; ] have been curated into the CorrDB.
This is a joint release with the 36th QTLdb release)

Database developments: (1) A Frequently Asked Questions section has been added to the CorrDB. This is to address common questions raised with regard to design, usage, application, utilities, new developments, and other related issues in the use and development of the CorrDB. (2) A set of data release tools has been created to assist with consistent, flawless data review and release processes for CorrDB. This included some essential data constringe checks and complex queries to gather data status statistics for release processes.

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