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The Animal CorrDB Release
Dec 28, 2022


Release 17
(Dec 28, 2022): A sum of 584 new correlations [Breakdown by species -- Pig: 1,119; Cattle: 353; Chicken: 90; Sheep: 140; ] and a sum of 211 new heritability data [Breakdown by species -- Pig: 78; Cattle: 51; Chicken: 28; Sheep: 54; ] have been curated into the CorrDB. To date, the total number of correlation data in the database: 26,839 [Breakdown by species -- Cattle: 13,471 (on 352 traits); Chicken:1,835 (on 80 traits); Horse:209 (on 27 traits); Pig:8,902 (on 241 traits); Sheep:2,111 (on 74 traits); Goat:311 (on 32 traits)], and total heritability data: 4,778 [Breakdown by species -- Cattle:2,330 (on 405 traits); Chicken:377 (on 106 traits); Horse:123 (on 53 traits); Pig:1,607 (on 280 traits); Sheep:336 (on 104 traits); Goat:5 (on 2 traits)] curated from 480 publications. In addition, updates have been made to previously curated 384 correlation data and 395 heritability data as part of our efforts on data quality controls.
( This is a joint release with the 49th QTLdb release.)

Database developments: Visulization of correlation netowrks: The Animal CorrDB web portal has been updated with additions and/or modifications of its correlation netowrk visulization options. In addition to Graphviz dot graph tool, Cytoscape Web tools are made available in some sub-pages, on different levels of data summary and/or searched result presenting page views.

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