The Animal QTLdb Release
Dec 28, 2013


Release 22

(Dec 28, 2013): A sum of 1,317 new QTL/association data has been added to the database. The current QTL/association number in the database: 23,002 [Cattle: 8,305; Chicken: 3,919; Pig: 9,862; Sheep: 789; Rainbow trout: 127].
Functions: (1) Horse QTLdb: Many THANKS to Cecilia Penedo of UC-Davis, Andy Law of Roslin Institute, Samantha Brooks of Cornell University, and Ernest Bailey of University of Kentucky; now the Animal QTLdb has the structure set up for collecting horse QTL/association data. Please note it will take a while for the new horse data to pass curation and release pipelines before they show up on the Horse QTLdb portal. (2) New members to Animal QTLdb data alliances: - Ensembl: Thanks to Fiona Cunningham, Animal QTLdb data is now synchronized to Ensembl. To use, go to and choose a species to search for a trait name; among the output results, all QTL/association data are flagged by "Phenotype" in parentheses. You can utilize all Ensembl tools to explore further on your traits of interest. The genome features are linked back to Animal QTLdb for curated details. Please note that data at Ensembl or UCSC is for species that has a genome assembly available (e.g., cattle, chicken, sheep, or pig). (3) Animal QTLdb Search Tools are being reformatted for users to easily locate information for exploration, or to easily find data access points for analysis. - NEW: QTL genome distribution query tool: New search tools have been added to allow users to view genome location distributions of targeted traits. Go to "Search" -> "Data Analysis Tools" -> "Find QTL genome distributions on a particular trait" to try it out. - NEW: User-defined download tool by genome locations: Users now can search and download QTL data by user-defined genome locations (in terms of "bp"). Go to "Search" -> "Data Analysis Tools" -> "Find QTL by their genome locations", for species that have a genome build (currently cattle, chicken, and pig). (4) New data types in the Animal QTLdb: In parallel to the classical "QTL" data, we have modified the database and tools to allow curation of eQTL and GWAS (association) data; now we are modifying the database and tools to allow curation of copy number variation (CNV) data into the database. It is our goal to be inclusive on all types of trait mapping features linking phenotypes to genotypes. (5) Welcome new curators to the Animal QTLdb; we now have 65 active curator accounts. As always, we encourage all interested persons to register for a curator account to actively enter new data.

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