The Animal QTLdb Release
Aug 23, 2021


Release 45

(Aug 23, 2021): A sum of 4,166 new QTL/associations have been curated into the database. (New additions less obsolete/retracted ones: Catfish: 0; Cattle: 1,944; Chicken: 1,417; Goat: 64; Horse: 1; Pig: 397; Sheep: 180; Rainbow trout: 163 -- Net increase: 4,166). The current total number of QTL in the database: 220,401 [Breakdown by species -- Cattle: 163,725; Chicken: 15,475; Goat: 64; Horse: 2,473; Pig: 33,540; Sheep: 3,752; Rainbow trout: 1,372]
( This is a joint release with the 13th CorrDB release)

(1) The Goat QTLdb is alive! The first batch of goat QTL/association data was curated into it.
(2) A move to supporting genome coordinate-based map only on QTL/association data reports.

Database developments:
(1) As a result developing the QTLdb to support multiple genome builds, a major change in this release is a transition from using a mixed linkage distance (cM) / genome (bps) location system, to using genome (bps) locations only, for all QTL/association data depositions (for export). Linkage map based QTL reports will still be curated into the database and their cM map locations will be lifted to genome maps coordinates. ('cM' map locations maybe available upon requests only).
(2) A new hierarchy display tool has been developed to build front-ends of Animal QTLdb web portal for data access using traits from Vertebrate Trait (VT), Livestock Product Trait (LPT) Ontology, and Clinical Measurement Ontology (CMO). Built into the display tool also included a search capability, that helps users to quickly find relevant terms in large ontologies. The tool is implemented on all species QTLdb front pages, all VT/LPT/CMP home pages at AnimalGenome.ORG.
(3) Extensive re-organization of the web portal structure were made to improve user experience for easier data access by eliminating some intermediate pages for fewer browse/search steps to reach data.
(4) We have developed an in-house procedure to map known SNPs to a genome assembly with flanking sequences, which can be submitted OR be lifted from an older version of genome builds. This greatly accelerated our progress on supporting multiple/new genomes when they become available without extended waiting for official SNP identifiers ('rs' number) become available, which presented a bottleneck on timely QTLdb data release.
(5) Changes are made in the policy on Minimum information required for Animal QTLdb data entry. The change clarifies the minimum information on SNP-based data reports, and opens ways for new types of SNP information, such as those SNP without official 'rs' numbers but with flanking sequences.

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