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Subject: What's new on the NAGRP animal genome web site (#3,
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What's new on NAGRP animal genome web site (#3, 2010)

o Announcing the Release 12 of the Animal QTLdb:
  As of September 13, 2010, a total of 1,065 new QTL are added to the
  database. This included 390 for cattle, 421 for chicken and 254 for pigs.
  Thanks to Kleibe Moraes Silva from Federal University of Vicosa in Brazil,
  who contributed 16 new pig QTL to the database by direct data entry. We
  encourage you to directly submit your QTL data through the Curator web
  portal (URL:

o Pig genome assembly version 10 (build 10) is released and placed on
  NAGRP Bioinformatics blast server for public use:

  You may want to realize it will take some time before the assembly will
  be eventually submitted to EBI/Genbank, when the genes, SNPs, BACs,
  linkage markers and other mapping information may be available.  If you
  have questions or concerns about their status, check on their web sites
  or wait for announcement from Ensembl/NCBI/UCSC/etc.

o Blast database was set up to evaluate Pig Assembly 9b and is still
  available if one wish to compare them.

o The Animal QTLdb FAQ are updated to explain how stable QTL_IDs are.

o An improvement is made to the CateGOrizer to show the child GO:ids
  on each class in the results sheet.

o West Virginia rainbow trout transcriptome characterization using Sanger
  and next generation sequences is available for blast and download.

Check out the "what's new" page for more up-to-date information on this

NAGRP Bioinfo Team



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