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Subject: What's new on the NAGRP animal genome web site (#3,
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What's new on the NAGRP animal genome web site (#3, 2013)

o We are happy to announce the establishment of a China mirror site of the
  Animal QTLdb located at the Huazhong Agriculture University, in Wuhan,
  China, thanks to the generous offer by Dr. Shu-hong Zhao and hard works
  by her colleagous Jianhua Cao, Yuhua Fu and others. The mirror site
  helps to share the server load and for faster network speed for 18 Asian
  countries (An automatic internet redirect is implemented thus users don't
  have to worry about how to use).


o Announcing Release 21 of the Animal QTLdb. Since last QTLdb data release,
  a sum of 1,563 new QTL have been added to the database. The current total
  number of QTL in the database is 21,400 [Break down: Cattle: 7,773;
  Chicken: 3,919; Pig: 8,919; Sheep: 789; Rainbow trout: 127].

  New developmental works done on the QTLdb:
  (1) Expansion of the QTLdb to include gene network analysis results. More
  additions on the gene network data handling and display functions are
  going to happen in the coming months.
  (2) Search for candidate genes in QTLdb is made easier - Candidate genes
  is displayed where applicable when users search for traits or for partial
  gene names/symbols.
  (3) In addition, about a couple dozen minor bugs in both public data
  portal and in the curator tools have been fixed.


o The new rainbow trout genome assembly is available on NAGRP data
  repository. The assembly was from 14,900 MTP clones/13,824 BACs in 1,152
  pools that represent approximately 50X BAC coverage.


  The sequences are also available for blast on the NAGRP blast server.


o New Vertebrate Trait (VT) Ontology, Product Trait (PT) Ontology, and
  Clinical Measurement Ontology (CMO) web sites have been set up. This is a
  reflection of the recent new developments of the ATO into the three
  ontology projects.  Please refer to our new publication on the subject:

  Carissa A Park, Susan M Bello, Cynthia L Smith, Zhi-Liang Hu, Diane H
  Munzenmaier, Rajni Nigam, Jennifer R Smith, Mary Shimoyama, Janan T Eppig
  and James M Reecy.
  The Vertebrate Trait Ontology: a controlled vocabulary for the annotation
  of trait data across species.
  Journal of Biomedical Semantics 2013, 4:13.


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