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From  Fri Nov  4 13:31:55 2011
From: Anna Puig <>
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Subject: crimap
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2011 13:31:55 -0500

Dear Green,

I am using crimap_2.503a_inc_doc.tar.gz in unix. When running my .gen file,
having 235 SNP markers, with the prepare option I found that there were a
lot of non-inheritances. Though, we checked the mendelian inheritance
through pedstats program and it did not detect any error so it run
perfectly. In addition we have test it with only a part of the pedigree and
it works well. Nevertheless when adding all animals in .gen file it
detected the non-inheritance error for hardly all animals. Then when fixed
option was run I found a large cM map not corresponding with the real 
physical map. I wondered how does it detect inheritances and if 230 animals 
is too large in this case. 

Thank you,




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